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Guide Dots

Go on an audio journey of discovery with this free,  audio-based app for the visually impaired. Download for Android [image w/ Android logo]

How it Works

Guide Dots combines Google Maps, Facebook and powerful crowdsourcing technology to provide the visually impaired a broader awareness of the world around them. From calling out locations to tagging route details to alerts when friends are near, Guide Dots provides a new level of independence.

Join In

As the community of Guide Dots users grows, the app becomes richer with detail from crowdsourcing and Beacon technology. The community is empowered to geotag new places and details to create a completely crowdsourced guidemap of the world.

Joining is easy


Access with Ease

Guide Dots features an easy-to-use interface designed specifically for the visually impaired.

Explore and Discover

Go from Point A to Point B and hear everything in between with Guide Dots audio notifications.

Connect with Friends

Log in through Facebook to find nearby friends and check in to different locations.

Push to Talk

Interact with Guide Dots using simple voice commands.

Get it Free on Google Play